Blossom while others sink.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the technique of tailoring a website and its content in a strategic manner to help ensure your website is found by your target audience, before they find the competition.

Whether looking to build from scratch, or just hoping to do a little remodeling, let us implement an SEO strategy for you to get your site out of the murky depths and blooming in front of your customers.

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Website Design

Be as appealing as a freshly baked pie.

WEBSITE DESIGN is the process of mixing together layout, imagery, and content with user habits, navigation logic, and search engine optimization to develop a comprehensive user experience.

From inquiring web search to life-long customer, let us design and develop the website for you that not only looks good, but tastes good too, keeping your customers coming back for more.

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Domain Management

Make sure your customers land on the right place!

DOMAIN MANAGEMENT is a collection of services centered around getting your Website Hosted with an IP Address on the Internet, getting that IP Address connected to a Domain Name, and getting that Domain Name known on the Internet via the Domain Name Servers.

No matter what your website does or looks like, let us get your website setup with the right Name and Domain Management for you, lest your customers flutter on by.

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Take a closer look!

Michael Morgan has more than 20 years of Website Design and Development experience using a variety of web hosts, development platforms, and coding languages, there is no project too small or too big to be handled.

Keeping a close eye on budget, timeline, and definitive needs, Michael Morgan strives to exceed customer expectations with jargon-defined and layman-friendly communication throughout the project lifetime.

Michael Morgan provides multiple options within a proposal to present not simply what will meet a customer’s needs, but also to show what results a budget is capable of purchasing, and what other opportunities will take the project to the next level.

Michael Morgan offers customized training and manuals to help an organization reduce long-term costs by empowering their own employees or volunteers to update and create content for the website.

Michael Morgan focuses on the intricate details that let the beauty shine through.

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